CANVAS - Family & Alternative Owned Business - Spring 2017 - page 5

“The current industrial model of self-
interest, hierarchy and competition
is on course to fail in today’s
connected and enlightened society.”
in turn bring a greater trust of leaders. Autonomy,
even in a heavily regulated industry such as
accountancy and financial services is possible,
according to Romanovitch.
Those most receptive to this change is the very
generation that will help drive it forward – the
millennials. With one audience member even
claiming businesses she has overheard summing
up their future direction with a comment such
as: ‘We must have a purpose; we need some
millennials.’ While this paraphrasing of a very real
issue may cause more amusement than anything,
it is a very stark warning to business that this is
where the balance of power lies.
Stephen Bampfylde agreed with this outlining that
the millennial generation knows what they want,
how they want it and also are prepared to work
hard and evolve to deliver it. They know they need
to work together (usually) and that they also need
to have time to live. Losing that balance is a very
real and present issue and one that must not be
Ultimately, the challenge lies with how leadership
is to be interpreted and undertaken across all
models of business in the UK. Stephen Bampfylde
reflected that there is a mood of change across
1,2,3,4 6,7,8,9,10,11,12
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