CANVAS - Family & Alternative Owned Business - Spring 2017 - page 9

Dyson University – expanding the family
business to address a skills shortage
Dyson is one of the names most synonymous
with modern family business in this country.
For James Dyson, inventor and founder of the
business, he recently said that he will ‘never’
float or sell his company, planning to keep it
in the family for at least another generation
with his son Jake to take over in the future
September 13).
As part of his drive to keep the family
business innovating, and also with an eye on
the future Dyson is leading the charge into
privately-owned higher education institutions.
The recent announcement
4 November) that he plans to set up the
Dyson institute of technology to address the
chronic skills gap in engineering in the UK
demonstrates both his commitment to this
sector and also his faith in his family name and
legacy to drive this forward.
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