Our Story

“The skill is to see the strength of the grain, not the grandeur of the tree”

Saxton Bampfylde is an employee owned business and was formed in 1986. Since then we have stayed true to our founding principles, namely our dedication to a unique and genuine search process that is different to our competitors, and our commitment to providing the highest quality service when advising on board level roles for our clients.

We work with some of the world’s most intriguing and important organisations - from FTSE 100 companies and blue-chip multinationals, government and academia to foundation trust hospitals, arts institutions and not-for-profit organisations. That makes us one of the world’s leading boutique independent search and assessment firms - with clients who value us as trusted advisers and appreciate our hard-won reputation for effective results consistently delivered.

We’re unashamedly research based.  If we see a stone we turn it; if there’s fine print, we’ll scour it.  That means the places we look are not always the expected ones.  We firmly believe that true talent is transferable, that there is no finite pool we must return to time upon time, complaining all the while that it is running dry.

A 98% Success Rate

It was a founding principle: To commit to rigorous original research.  It was born of the belief that research is the foundation on which all excellent search is built. The Economist’s independent studies of headhunting firms typically show that we undertake, on average, two to three times more research per project than any of our competitors.  And it shows in our 98% success rate.