Coaching & Onboarding

We and our specialist coach partners provide a range of services to help develop an individual’s knowledge of an organisation and themselves, their performance, and how they are perceived by others.  We also provide support to enhance knowledge or performance in these areas.

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Executive Profiling

Executive profiling forms the first step in delivering onboarding support to a newly appointed leader, providing a robust foundation to underpin the subsequent work done together.  It can be undertaken as part of an onboarding process by assessment, although frequently it will have already been carried out as a critical part of the selection decision-making for a leadership appointment.  Used in this way, the data and insight gleaned through one assessment can both support a more rigorous selection decision, as well as go on to provide a substantive basis for individually tailored and comprehensive onboarding support, thus maximising the value of the investment for both the organisation and the individual.

Our Saxton Bampfylde psychologists have undertaken over 2,500 executive assessments for senior leadership roles in a wide variety of sectors; in every instance, they will take time to be briefed on the requirements of the role and its context, to be able to provide deeper, objective and situationally relevant information on how people act, what motivates them and how they influence and lead. Executive assessment measures are scientifically developed to identify natural strengths, areas of concern, values and highlight key areas to address.

Self-Awareness and Impact

Focusing upon leadership ability and fit, we help individuals delve deeper into the insights provided through their executive assessment (which can be undertaken at the start of the session, if not completed as part of a search), providing expert interpretation to help them understand their development needs in the context of their new role, taking a coaching approach and giving them dedicated time to reflect on their new responsibilities.

The aim of this session is to bring greater awareness around natural tendencies and behaviours, to reflect on how these fit (or don’t) the role itself, the culture of the organisation and the individual’s objectives and ambitions. With better self-awareness it is then possible to work towards adapting behaviours where this would be helpful and to being more conscious of the way they impact others.

One-to-one Coaching

Working with our expert partners, coaching sessions (typically 6) over those first few months provide a reflective, supportive, challenging - and safe - space in which individuals can talk about what is on their mind, share insights, think the unthinkable, come up with alternatives and rehearse their next steps. It is intended to be a stimulating, enriching and enjoyable experience which supports individuals stepping up into a new role, moving into a new organisation or moving sector.

360° Feedback

Once an individual has been in a new role for about 6 to 9 months it can be helpful to gather feedback from those working with them – bosses, subordinates and peers.  This feedback enables individuals to see where they are making most impact, where to focus their efforts in future and which aspects of their behaviours they may want to adjust.

Our 360 approach provides helpful benchmarking against other executives and leaders, and breaks down feedback into useable categories such as working in the business, working on the business, managing yourself, managing relationships and leadership. Bespoke questions can also be added, and we can also gather confidential qualitative feedback from key individuals to probe key areas that are critical for success.

The feedback session with the individual pulls out the key themes in a coaching style conversation, with the aim of identifying some tangible actions and development points they can use moving forwards.

Team Coaching

We work with leadership teams of all shapes and sizes. Our expert coaching partners (Praesta) offer team coaching engagements ranging from single interventions through to systemic team coaching assignments lasting eighteen months or more. We work with teams as they tackle real-world challenges, in ways that develop team effectiveness through enhancing collaboration between its members and optimising individuals' contributions; and helping them to be really clear about what the team is supposed to do within the wider organisation of which it is a part and then focus on delivering its link in the value chain.