Arts: leading into the future

By Saxton Bampfylde

Arts: leading into the future

The Arts and Culture sector in the UK continues to maintain its place on the world stage, preserving centuries of tradition whilst looking to evolve in the 21st Century and beyond. It is a sector that continues to experience a number of challenges, particularly in face of greater austerity and huge pressure to engage and excite audiences time and time again. Flair and creativity are still centre stage, but entrepreneurialism, digital knowledge and commercial acumen are getting more of the spotlight. With less public funding available and unlikely to return at the same level, many arts and cultural organisations are looking at alternative means of generating financial and commercial support. A huge part of this also is dependent on still engaging with audiences and preserving the autonomy and artistic licence necessary.

The pressure to perform has never been greater right across the sector. At the very heart of these issues is the question of leadership and the style and approach needed to succeed and nurture talent today.

In our latest issue of CANVAS (Arts and Culture edition) Roger Wright, CEO of Snape Maltings (formerly Aldeburgh Music) provides his perspective on what leadership needs to deliver, and what can and should be ‘let go of’ to drive the sector forward.

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