Universities: the engine room of the UK economy?

By Saxton Bampfylde

Universities: the engine room of the UK economy?

Higher education in the UK continues to develop significantly, while simultaneously facing a number of specific and recent challenges. With an uncertain European landscape, increased scrutiny from government and growing competition, both at home and internationally, the sector is under pressure to demonstrate its ability to navigate a complex set of issues.

Higher Education has history and experience on its side and an ability to evolve, adapt and thrive across the centuries. The institutions in the UK, both old and young, have shown repeatedly that they can survive, but will they thrive during the next decade?

In our latest issue of CANVAS (higher Education edition), and within this context, we talk to Dr Jennifer Barnes about how the Higher Education sector is evolving. Its value, success and reputation is premised on change, both incremental and disruptive. She discusses why a strong cross-sector approach is fundamental for UK Higher Education, while maintaining its academic excellence, for which it is recognised worldwide.

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