Rebalancing the Books - Private action for public benefit

By Saxton Bampfylde

Rebalancing the Books - Private action for public benefit

Out with the old and in with the new. It almost seems like a mantra for life these days. In political, economic, social and cultural areas change is everywhere, or certainly that is what we are continuously being told.

It does appear on many levels that we are at a crossroads on the major arterial routes of western society. The Higher Education sector in the UK is feeling this particularly keenly with new major legislative changes underway; the uncertainty and concerns about Brexit; the challenges from an international market trying to attract more students to their institutions; as well as some concerns about a diminishing future leadership pool.

To offer perspective and a positive outlook on the future route for society and business, as well as the evolution of the HE sector, we talk to Stephan Chambers, the inaugural Director of the newly formed Marshall Institute at the LSE in our latest edition of Canvas. He highlights the important ways in which public and private sectors are starting to think differently, developing more socially-driven values and moving away from a purely financial focus. He outlines a vision of how the Higher Education sector can and must embrace philanthropy and social entrepreneurship to enhance society and deliver the leaders of the future.

The Marshall Institute under Stephan’s directorship is leaving the model of success being measured in financial returns well behind in the 20th Century. It is driving forward a revolution in Higher Education and business thinking for the 21st Century, placing a greater emphasis on social return on investment and more closely aligning the public and the private through a renewed and invigorated approach.


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