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Executive Assessment

To have the edge when hiring and succession planning, we believe that it pays to know all you can about a candidate. How do they benchmark against the market? How are they likely to perform today and in the future? What culture they will prosper in? And what culture they will bring with them? Using the latest psychometric technologies and in-depth behavioral interviews, our experienced business psychologists help get behind the CV when hiring externally or assessing the potential of your internal talent. Our goal is to help you make an informed choice by providing deeper, objective information on shortlisted candidates: how they think, what motivates them and how they influence and lead. This significantly mitigates the risk of a placed candidate jumping ship, micro-managing, being territorial or not bringing people with them.


We offer the same approach whether you are dealing with a new hire or a current incumbent. We explore not only individual traits, but also how they are supported or suppressed by particular organisational norms and cultures. By approaching coaching systemically, we can understand not only on how an individual is behaving, but more importantly why they are behaving that way. The coaching which follows carries a much greater impact in terms of the accuracy and effectiveness of our insights. All of our work begins with a developmental assessment, followed by a tailored plan of coaching, line manager review and stakeholder feedback.


When the going is good, teams usually operate in relative harmony. New teams, or teams with several new members, may take some time to find their feet. Under pressure, relations can be strained or even fractious. This is seldom to do with any individual. Rather, it usually occurs because teams confuse difference for weakness. Quieter, newer or more challenging viewpoints may be ignored or inadequately listened to rather than integrated as something to celebrate. Teams need to critically evaluate their dynamics, not in terms of competence, but in terms of behaviour. We can support your Executive Team or your Board to take full advantage of the range of personalities within it. 

Board review

Corporate governance is now firmly in the spotlight with shareholders and the general public keen to ensure that Boards operate effectively

Meeting public and regulatory requirements can put significant pressure on ensuring that Boards are delivering. Based on years of experience in assessing senior executives and organisations of all sizes and shapes, we have developed a corporate Board Review which give chairs the objective information they need to run an effective board – with the lowest possible intrusion. Our Board Review is structured around detailed discussions with all Board members about how their Board can best develop its collective performance.

Talent Mapping

We are often asked by our clients to use our in-house research expertise to map the market for outstanding talent or to benchmark their own capability.  We have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from a global supply chain mapping exercise undertaken for a global FTSE commodity business, through to finding the next layer of talent in the commissioning function for a leading media company. Our approach is bespoke and we will map the universe to provide outstanding market intelligence for our clients.

Promoting Diversity


In our minds, diversity covers not only the six strands of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, faith and sexuality, but – in a broader sense – can also refer to other elements important for the constitution of the candidate pool: clients may have regional requirements, need candidates to possess specific skill sets, or have a particular sectoral bias.

We are an established advocate for diversity and are committed to do all we can to promote diversity in senior appointments and boards. Our intensive research method is the keystone of our approach to diversity. We search widely and creatively, addressing and monitoring diversity throughout our searches and prompting our sources to think beyond the most obvious candidates. The percentages of women, individuals from a BAME background and people with disabilities typically increase from longlist to shortlist, showing that we identify and approach viable, credible candidates who demand consideration on their own merits. Over recent years, 40% of our non-executive appointments have been of women, BAME or disabled candidates. We are proud to have signed up as a firm to the new National Equality Standard, which was developed with the CBI and Equalities and Human Rights Commission.