Brexit – in search of a road map

The past months have been characterised by change and uncertainty. One thing has remained constant throughout: the UK’s exit from, and the development of a new relationship with, the EU are critical issues for institutions and organisations across all sectors. In the aftermath of the referendum, industry leaders, not-for-profit, arts and higher education directors, politicians and civil servants have begun to outline its impact. The path ahead is a long and dangerous one; the map is, at best, unclear.

While the intentions of the various fellowtravellers have started to become clearer in recent weeks, there are still many more questions than answers. Even what emerging clarity exists is subject to constitutional, practical and political challenge. However, the effects of the Brexit vote are already being felt, and organisations are understandably keen to understand, respond to, and influence the debate. The UK Government is already consulting with key players such as trade bodies and leaders in each sector to find out what their priorities are.

While Saxton Bampfylde cannot begin to formulate answers to the questions that lie ahead, we are advising our clients in developing their capacity in critical areas: identifying individuals who can help organisations understand the issues and lead in the formulation of strategies and responses as this journey gets underway.

Brexit_In search of a road map

If you would call with our team to discuss how Saxton Bampfylde can help your organisation we would be delighted to speak with you – contact Kate Ludlow.

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