Live Breathe Data

Our 2018 thought piece, Live Breathe Data, responded to the increasing demand from Board leaders in the health and care sectors to understand more about how the proliferation of data and digital innovation are changing operating models and leadership dynamics across these two wide-ranging sectors. In the report, we looked at emerging ideas and changing practice, and drew some conclusions from steps the most effective Boards are taking to enable their organisations to benefit from these huge potential changes.

Following the report, Saxton Bampfylde’s Health team, led by Hatty Cadman, has hosted a series of events across the UK for Board leaders in public and private health and care. These events have offered an opportunity for confidential discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing senior leaders as they strive to ensure health and care provision is fit for the future. Best practice, innovations having real impact, and potential obstacles have been shared and debated, and new relationships forged, particularly between private and public sector potential partners.

In particular, discussions have considered:

  • The increasing importance of potential digital transformation for boards, and some approaches to enable Boards to consider it properly, given operational pressures;
  • The importance of integrating consideration of digital change into the overall strategic approach
    of organisations, so that it is an enabler rather than an end in itself;
  • A recognition of the need for greater collaborative and partnership working, both inside and beyond the NHS and even outside the UK;
  • The cultural and operational impact of introducing technology and innovative working models and the importance this has at executive and board level;
  • The importance of overcoming reputational challenges to encourage more effective collation and aggregation of data;
  • The new skills and sector experience required at senior level, as well as that coming through the sector;
  • And the changing expectations of leaders in digitally-enabled environments, and the different sorts of leadership behaviours that are likely to be required in the future as a result.

This is a rapidly evolving area and we welcome any comments, thoughts and insights from those within or considering joining the sector.

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