‘View from the River’ Team Insight: Brett Anderson

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Brett Anderson is a Partner and Consultant in our Health Practice

Past, present and future with Saxton Bampfylde
Since joining the firm in 2012, my role has developed to cover health, higher education and the space between. Working with leaders and their teams to understand the skills that will move their strategy forward, while also parsing the type of personality that would complement the current team, is a challenging goal which makes every day in this role exciting and different.

Rainy day dreams
The six years I spent living in Scotland have clearly had an impact, because I love being outside in the rain, but I do understand the desire to run in from the cold. I’m originally from a small town outside Chicago and one of my favourite memories is rushing into the Art Institute of Chicago during a blizzard. The Art Institute is one of my favourite places to explore, looking at the Thorne Miniature Rooms, modern wing and the Museum’s famous collection of impressionist paintings.

Passionate about
If I had my way, every holiday would involve diving.

Hot tip
I love taking a walk with the deliberate aim of getting lost. Using the time to just really look around and experience makes time slow down and old haunts seem new.

Who – dead or alive – do you view as a particularly inspiring leader, and why?
This job has taught me that leaders can only be successful through contributions of a dedicated and passionate team, so I have always preferred to take the time to think about the people who are making real contributions to our day to day lives. The ability to empower, support and challenge, alongside a good dash of humour, goes a long way. If I had to choose one person, Greta Thunberg continues to be an inspiration; it takes a lot of courage to speak truth to power in that way.

And finally…. Is a proven track record in partnership working becoming more important in healthcare leaders?
Deepening integration between organisations and systems has been a key thread of healthcare discourse for some time. Now we have the opportunity to really think about what this means for our leaders and the team around them as they realise that strong performance is increasingly dependent upon positive and creative partnerships across the space.

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