Executive Directors

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­After working with the CAA on a number of executive and non-executive appointments, we worked with them over the last few years to advise the appointment of the Group Director of Consumer and Markets, and the Group Director of Safety and Airspace Regulation. These were both executive team roles, overseeing large teams, at a time of very real change and challenge, both for the aviation sector and for the CAA itself.

For both roles, our searches were global ones, covering an international sector with often very specialised skill-sets.  Diversity was of the utmost importance, in a sector which has historically found this to be a real challenge. We made consistent, proactive efforts to identify potential candidates in that sector, and well-beyond, for the two roles, and looked thoroughly within UK and international diversity networks.

We were able to identify individuals from within civil and military airlines and airports, national regulators (of this sector, but also of other network industries), consultancies and senior government roles.

Paul Smith who brought experience from the FCA and the Australian Energy Market Commission was appointed to the markets role; and Rob Bishton, who had built his career in the CAA, easyJet and fast jet, was appointed as Group Director of Safety and Airspace Regulation.


Regulation & Regulated Industries

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