Major UK water company, Director of Human Resources

We were asked to advise on the appointment of a new Director of Human Resources to a major UK water business. Under a new leadership team, the company was undergoing a significant transformation programme, and the incoming HRD would be a critical part of shaping and delivering on the opportunities that offered. Like many such businesses, the role was based well-outside of major cities, and the appointed candidate would need to be prepared to relocate or commute on a weekly basis if they were not already in the area.

As a heavily-regulated and scrutinised sector, it was important that if the person did not come from the water industry itself, they were nonetheless used to an analogous environment. Our research spanned a number of sectors including construction, infrastructure, engineering, transport, communications and utilities.

We were pleased to present a strong group of candidates for the client to consider, of which 50% of the final shortlist were female. The shortlist came from backgrounds including in energy, construction and outsourced government services, and the successful candidate came from a senior HR career in major national retail businesses.


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