Regulation Leadership Insight: Canvas – Out Now

We live in times of widespread uncertainty and change. Long and widely-accepted principles of how economies, societies and their governments should interact are facing challenges unprecedented in recent times. Regulators of all kinds reside in the eye of this storm. As independent actors, they have a unique responsibility to oversee the way in which sectors and professions serve an increasingly demanding and sceptical public.

At the forefront of this work is Amanda Spielman, who spoke to us as she celebrated her first anniversary in the role of Ofsted Chief Inspector. In a sector where regulation has historically been viewed with trepidation, she is driving forward cultural change, and encouraging educational institutions to embrace the process as a catalyst for positive change. We take a look at her experience of the way in which leaders with careers outside regulation can introduce a different perspective and discuss how her troubleshooting skills have come into play, helping some of the UK’s most challenged schools identify where their issues lie.

We talk to Cathryn Ross just as she departs Ofwat after almost four years as CEO, heading for the private sector and a different regulatory market at BT. Cathryn reflects on the successes she has achieved and the challenges she has faced at Ofwat and outlines her belief that there is a critical role for regulators to play in helping the UK economy navigate a period of unprecedented change.

Exceptional leaders are uncommon and in high demand. Finding the right person is something that requires an international mind-set, as we hear from Stephen Leavy, a Partner at Hobson Leavy Executive Search in New Zealand, part of the Panorama network.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Canvas and look forward to hearing your thoughts over the coming months.

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