Leadership Services

A search individually tailored to you

Every piece of work we undertake reflects the client’s priorities, culture and needs. We place great emphasis on building a strong partnership with each client so that we can respond quickly to individual needs. For example, some organisations want a broad, national or global search, others want a much more discreet, targeted approach. Either way we ensure that every client has undivided attention and representation in the marketplace.

Sector Wide, Function Deep

We have world class practice specialists, experts in their fields. Every assignment has two consultants as we recognise two heads are better than one. We are a collegiate business and do not operate in silos, by sharing our knowledge across the business we can give our clients access to the best talent.

Global Reach

By working with our 15 global partners and 30 offices across the world's major time zones, we deliver an international search strategy, real and relevant to your circumstances through our local knowledge and networks.

More diverse candidates

Our research model enables us to be more thorough, forensic and creative than our competitors to cover a wider talent pool during our research. This means we can deliver the widest and most diverse choice possible for our clients.

Executive Assessment & Coaching

Executive Assessment

To have the edge when hiring and succession planning, we believe that it pays to know all you can about a candidate. How do they benchmark against the market? How are they likely to perform today and in the future? What culture they will prosper in? And what culture they will bring with them? Using the latest psychometric technologies and in-depth behavioral interviews, our experienced business psychologists help get behind the CV when hiring externally or assessing the potential of your internal talent. Our goal is to help you make an informed choice by providing deeper, objective information on shortlisted candidates: how they think, what motivates them and how they influence and lead. This significantly mitigates the risk of a placed candidate jumping ship, micro-managing, being territorial or not bringing people with them.

One-to-one executive coaching

We offer the same approach whether you are dealing with a new hire or a current incumbent. We explore not only individual traits, but also how they are supported or suppressed by particular organisational norms and cultures. By approaching coaching systemically, we can understand not only on how an individual is behaving, but more importantly why they are behaving that way. The coaching which follows carries a much greater impact in terms of the accuracy and effectiveness of our insights. All of our work begins with a developmental assessment, followed by a tailored plan of coaching, line manager review and stakeholder feedback.

Team development

When the going is good, teams usually operate in relative harmony. New teams, or teams with several new members, may take some time to find their feet. Under pressure, relations can be strained or even fractious. This is seldom to do with any individual. Rather, it usually occurs because teams confuse difference for weakness. Quieter, newer or more challenging viewpoints may be ignored or inadequately listened to rather than integrated as something to celebrate. Teams need to critically evaluate their dynamics, not in terms of competence, but in terms of behaviour. We can support your Executive Team or your Board to take full advantage of the range of personalities within it.

Board Review

Corporate governance is now firmly in the spotlight with shareholders and the general public keen to ensure that Boards operate effectively

Meeting public and regulatory requirements can put significant pressure on ensuring that Boards are delivering. Based on years of experience in assessing senior executives and organisations of all sizes and shapes, we have developed a corporate Board Review which give chairs the objective information they need to run an effective board – with the lowest possible intrusion. Our Board Review is structured around detailed discussions with all Board members about how their Board can best develop its collective performance.

Promoting Diversity

It is important to organisations, and is important to us

In our minds, diversity covers not only the six strands of age, gender, ethnicity, disability, faith and sexuality, but – in a broader sense – can also refer to other elements important for the constitution of the candidate pool: clients may have regional requirements, need candidates to possess specific skill sets, or have a particular sectoral bias.

We are an established advocate for diversity and are committed to do all we can to promote diversity in senior appointments and boards. Our intensive research method is the keystone of our approach to diversity. We search widely and creatively, addressing and monitoring diversity throughout our searches and prompting our sources to think beyond the most obvious candidates. The percentages of women, individuals from a BAME background and people with disabilities typically increase from longlist to shortlist, showing that we identify and approach viable, credible candidates who demand consideration on their own merits. Over recent years, 40% of our non-executive appointments have been of women, BAME or disabled candidates. We are proud to have signed up as a firm to the new National Equality Standard, which was developed with the CBI and Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Mike McManamon

Mike McManamon is a registered occupational psychologist. He holds a BSc (Hons) from the University of Manchester and an MSc from the University of Nottingham. He previously worked at the BBC where he led the Assessment & Development team before joining a consultancy firm where he oversaw executive assessments for the Civil Service as well as leadership development interventions ranging from coaching to leadership development programmes. He has worked across both the public and private sectors and his work with professional services has included solicitors for the BBC, investment managers for Barclays, as well as being a lead consultant for the NAO. At Saxton Bampfylde Mike works across the public and private sectors designing and delivering executive assessment and leadership development.


Cassandra Woolgar

Cassandra is a Business Psychologist who takes an evidenced-based approach to her work and describes Business Psychology as 'helping individuals and organisations to get the best out of each other, to reach their potential and to perform highly while maintaining wellbeing'. Before joining Saxton Bampfylde in 2018 she was a consultant in Business Psychology and Human Resources, working with a range of corporate clients and NGOs for recruitment, talent identification and leadership development. Cassandra has helped clients to identify the competencies required in roles, assess candidates and explore their strengths, weaknesses and fit to the role and company. She has also helped to identify internal talent, identify areas for development and develop leaders. Previously Cassandra has held research roles at the University of Oxford and Local Council Education Departments and management positions in charities and within the NHS. She has a BSc (Hons) from the University of Bath, an MSc from Birkbeck, University of London.


Gareth Jones

Gareth is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. He holds a BA (Hons) from the University of Nottingham, an MSc from University College London and an MBA from the University of Westminster. He was a Senior Civil Servant and headed the Home Office’s Assessment and Consultancy Unit. He then joined the management consultancy arm of KPMG, before moving to Saxton Bampfylde in 2007. He works widely across the private and public sectors, and the breadth and depth of his experience informs his approach. He brings acuity, objectivity and rigour to the assessment process.


Sarah Orwin

Sarah Orwin has spent the majority of her career in executive search.  She has been at Saxton Bampfylde for the past 15 years, and works across a wide range of sectors on both executive and non-executive appointments.  Prior to this, Sarah spent five years as Group Talent Director for Barclays plc, having started her career with Citi, working for them initially in London and then for three years in Brazil.  In between, Sarah spent 12 years as a management consultant with EY, latterly as the director responsible for their executive search and interim business.  Sarah’s recent clients include Sellafield Ltd, Arup, Prudential, HSBC and BP, for whom Sarah has worked continuously for more than 10 years. Sarah has an MA in Modern History from Oxford University.