STEP Programme

"What I love about the STEP programme is that it doesn’t start from a place of deficit, instead it recognises the talent that black and ethnic minority leaders already have. The focus is on elevating talented individuals and giving them greater access to opportunities."

Pamela Leonce 
Consultant & Diversity Advisor, Saxton Bampfylde

Components of the STEP Programme



Participants undertake a psychometric assessment and development interview at the outset of the programme, to quickly establish real depth of shared insight between both parties. Individuals will reflect on their behaviours, how others perceive them, and gives insight into their level of self-awareness. It also highlights natural strengths and areas to develop, considering how their natural tendencies, inclinations and behaviours fit with the requirements of their current and, importantly, future roles.


Drawing on the insights gleaned through psychometric assessment, a series of confidential, tailored coaching sessions with one of our in-house psychologists builds participants’ self-awareness, exploring behavioural tendencies and motivations and the goals they are working towards, and working through specific topics and priorities.

In parallel, the individual will be paired with a coach or mentor, who has relevant experience in their background to support the work that the individual would like to focus on. Saxton Bampfylde are delighted to be partnering with a number leading coaches and mentors: these individuals have operated in a broad range of sectors and leadership position, and as such are able to drawn upon a range of personal and professional experiences.

Focusing on their own development in a confidential environment, individuals are able to determine their values, the culture they will seek to create as a leader, where and how they naturally perform best, areas to improve and how to maximise the impact of their development. Individuals usually participate in six sessions, spaced across 8 to 12 months.

Consultant guidance: debunking the myth of executive search

Crucial to the practical development of programme participants is their one-to-one access to our executive search consultants. Participants are invited for mock interviews with our consulting team, to analyse and hone their presentation and interviewing technique. Consultants will take time to and provide advice and guidance on CV layout and content and offer insights on the perspective of hiring organisations and what to expect from recruitment processes at the level to which they are aspiring.


Another unique aspect of STEP is the exposure to a broad network of like-minded individuals. All participants gain access to regular networking events: these are often in the form of topic-specific roundtables, events and webinars facilitated by Saxton Bampfylde, where senior leaders are convened to discuss prominent issues, challenges and topics in their industries and organisations. These events provide a forum for up and coming talent from diverse backgrounds to be exposed to peers and leaders in other sectors, and participate in key debates.

"We are delighted to partner with talented Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic leaders as they embark on career transitions and promotions. STEP utilises our unique position of providing access to search consultants, psychologists, mentors, coaches and specialist networks."

Cassandra Woolgar
Partner & Psychologist, Saxton Bampfylde