Our aim for this site is to achieve WCAG v2.1 level AA compliance at a minimum, and wherever possible level AAA (more information at

The site has been designed to be accessible to those with any degree of visual, audio or motor impairment.

  • Fonts are chosen for their readability, and their size can easily be adjusted using your browser’s built-in controls. More information on this below.
  • A high contrast version of the site is available to those with specific visual impairments such as colour blindness. More information on this below.
  • Forms can be navigated using the tab key on your keyboard.
  • Useful alt tags are added to all images that have meaning related to the content of a page. Important text is never included in images.
  • Navigation has been designed to be intuitive and consistent.
  • Size, shape and location of elements is used in addition to colour to convey information.

How to make adjustments to the site, such as zoom level, text size and contrast

High contrast version of this website

You can use the Accessibility Mode tool at upper right of every page to place this site into a high contrast mode. Click the black and white ‘Aa’ to switch to this mode.

Zoom in/out using your keyboard (desktops)

On a Windows or Linux PC use Ctrl+Plus key to zoom in, Ctrl+Minus key to zoom out and you can reset to default zoom using Ctrl+Zero.

On a Mac use ⌘+Plus key to zoom in, ⌘+Minus key to zoom out and can reset to default zoom using ⌘+Zero.

Zoom in/out using menus (desktops and mobile devices)

On Windows PCs and most mobile devices open the main menu for the browser and look for the Zoom + / – menu items. On Macs open the View menu and look for Zoom In and Zoom Out options.

If you can’t find how to use Zoom tools in your preferred browser above, check its Help menu or Support website for more information.

Additional accessibility options

Each browser and operating system include additional options that let you customise your browsing experience to suit your specific needs. More information can be found at the browser or operating system support websites:

If you need further assistance

If you have difficulty interacting with any part of this website, you can email us at Alternatively, you can ring us at +44 020 7227 0800. If you’re deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired you can visit to get help when contacting us.

To help us continually improve this site for others, when you contact us please try to let us know what you were trying to do, and if possible the URL or name of the page where you had difficulties.

Accessibility at our London office

More information about the accessibility of our London office is available here. For any of our other offices, please contact them directly for more information or ring us at the number above.