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The way we work has changed so dramatically with flexible working and people well-being higher on the executive and management agenda than ever before. This shift magnifies the role of the Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) and senior HR leaders exponentially. People and purpose are increasingly coming to the fore of every sector. This amplifies the opportunity for HR leaders to work alongside their senior colleagues to bring in talent, develop and cultivate cultural authenticity and ensure close alignment with business objectives.

Excellent HR appointments are a major strength of our firm; we have deep experience in helping clients find senior talent who can handle the increasingly complexity of the role. We have a strong track record of identifying leaders who operate highly effectively at Executive level, supporting and guiding their colleagues, engaging and motivating employees, driving cultural transformation and aligning people strategies with business objectives.

We advise on a range of international HR roles, from FTSE100 companies to leading global organisations, professional service firms and other blue-chip multinationals.

Chief Operations Officers

As the working environment becomes more complex, and the use of technology allows for greater access into further afield markets, greater scrutiny and management needs to be placed on the operational strategy for many organisations. The evolution in organisational structure and operational approach is driving a greater requirement for the role of Chief Operations Officers – reporting either directly to the CEO or Executive Chair, with the responsibility of managing the day-to-day activities of the organisation.

We have extensive experience in identifying excellent and diverse talent to this crucial role, drawing together much of our cross-functional expertise to find those who have experience and navigate across the roles of HR, finance and communications, and  collaborate with a diverse set of stakeholders.

Chief Finance Officers

Senior finance leaders in today’s environment must demonstrate a strong profile and the strategic insight to deliver vital business impact. Risk management and regulatory compliance are more prevalent than ever before, bringing significant responsibility and the need for complete trust in financial leadership.

Our proven analytical and in-depth approach finds the most talented senior financial professionals across the commercial world. Our experience extends from CFOs and senior finance directors to financial controllers, divisional, regional and unit finance directors, treasurers and investor relations executives.  We work across many functions and expertise of the finance environment to find suitable candidates who specialise in capital markets, leadership, governance and regulation, M&A, tax, treasury, risk and decision support.

Beyond the senior executive functions we also support and identify appropriately qualified financial experts for Board and non-executive roles.

Heads of Regulation & Strategy

The regulatory environment is growing in scope, size and complexity. The senior leaders in regulation are often at the forefront of driving change and innovation in their organisations and industries. They are intellectually fascinating and expect high-quality, creative and diverse candidates to reflect the technical knowledge, experience and mindset of the role.

Our regulation and strategy practice has the advantage of our extensive networks across the commercial and public sectors. Whether we are looking for the most senior executive and non-executive positions or specialist heads of strategy and policy, we understand the mix of skills required.

Over the past five years, we have worked with clients as diverse as FTSE 100 utility providers, government economic regulators, professional bodies and leading financial services institutions. Additionally, we have been involved in the creation of many new bodies and organisations, as well as conceiving our industry-recognised diversity initiatives through our specialist team in this area.

Chief Digital Officers

Digital technology is the enabler of the modern working environment, and in recent times has become absolutely imperative. The emphasis on connectivity, communication and continuity are paramount across the operational environment, with areas such as data aggregation, automation and machine learning (or AI) gaining greater prevalence in our everyday lives. The pivotal role of technology has seismically shifted the function and profile of the CIO or CDO to a vital position on the executive team.

We help organisations find the talent and experience they need to develop and embed digital processes and functionality, as well as those who want to sustain and embrace continuous digital transformation to underpin the company strategy.

Outstanding digital practitioners often can transition well across sectors to work with CEOs and Boards in organisations with less developed digital strategy and this is where our broad sectoral experience really brings benefit to the senior appointments. We also help companies across many industries who need digital specialists to lead sector-specific initiatives.

Marketing & Communications Officers

In a world increasingly connected by digital technology and a desire to consumer multimedia content, the requirements for outstanding marketing and communications talent has never been higher. Reputation and communication is vital in today’s society with a clear and articulate message that connects across customers, stakeholders and employees. Increasingly, we see marketing leaders being asked to play a trusted advisor role to the CEO and board.

We understand the value of marketing and communications leaders, helping to find and support best-in-class individuals who demonstrate strategic thinking and creative drive to their teams and organisations. Through analysis of information and advanced use of technology to drive process improvements, cost reductions, actionable competitive intelligence and revenue expansion opportunities, we understand what is required across multiple sectors.  Whether you are looking for a classically trained FMCG marketer or individuals with B2B, digital or creative skills, we have the expertise to suit. We work with venture-backed start-ups, professional services firms, household names to leading UK institutions; and in today’s fast-moving digital world, where communications are instant and the customer is everything, getting the messaging right is crucial to success.

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