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Leadership evolution is inevitable, but in recent years its pace has become extraordinary. In today’s environment each and every leader must embrace a growth and change mindset: constantly reviewing, developing and working to enhance personal and organisational performance. This is where leadership coaching becomes vitally important.

Designed with the individual leader front of mind, our coaching provides a reflective, challenging, nurturing – and safe – space. It is an opportunity to chat about what is on their mind; share insights; think the unthinkable; come up with alternatives and rehearse their next steps. It has been designed to offer an enriching and enjoyable experience for leaders dealing with change in their organisation; those stepping up into a new role; or leaders moving into a new organisation or moving sector.

Coaching for aspiring and new Non-Executives

Boards are rewarding and challenging arenas to operate in: while some individuals flourish, others struggle to make an impact. It is in the entire board’s interest to make sure a new board member has the appropriate skills and behaviours to add significant value, ensuring it delivers on its fiduciary duties, positively contributes to the strategy and culture of the organisation, and works productively together and with the Executive team.

Our coaching for Non-executives focuses upon behaviours, values and dynamics rather than technical aspects of governance. The coach helps individuals to consider the transition from their previous career in to a non-executive role, how they can apply their strengths, how they may need to adapt, what they hope to gain and to contribute through the role.

Behaviours for effective Board dynamics and performance are discussed, such as striking the balance between support and challenge, asking effective questions, contributing appropriately, what it means to think strategically on a Board, supporting the corporate view, considering stakeholders, supporting executives to look after their staff and leveraging diversity. Areas of effective Board Leadership are covered; the Outside World, Creating the Future, Nurturing Identity, Managing the Present and Board Team Effectiveness.

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