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Appointments of seniority require a highly targeted search driven by specialists with the knowledge, experience and gravitas to identify and work with appropriately qualified non-executive candidates. Our specialist researchers bring that focus and dedicated resource needed to create diverse, robust and interesting lists which align with our clients’ skills matrix needs.

Our experience

For 35 years our dedicated Board practice has been finding, supporting and guiding non-executive leaders in Boardrooms across multiple geographies and industries. Our deep understanding of governance complexity in national and global environments allows us to identify talent as well as assess, review and support Boards in maximising the impact for their organisations, whether they be commercial, public sector or in civil society. We have the experience, knowledge and well-proven processes, augmented by our award-winning diversity initiatives, to ensure excellence in all that we do. Our approach delivers the results needed and we are very proud of this, growing diversity of boards and non-executive roles across the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors.

We successfully support the appointment of 250 Chair and non-executive roles every year with an increasingly diverse backgrounds, demonstrating our credentials in this specialist executive search function.

Our board appointments in the last year

51 %
of our board-level appointments were women
28 %
of our board-level appointments were ethnically diverse
3 %
of our board-level appointments declared a disability

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Evolution or revolution?
Board capability in a post-Covid world

The impact of COVID on boards has been far reaching, altering working practices, operations and governance in the short to medium term. At a time where organisations were beginning to recover, we noticed an opportunity to focus on the Board view, what has been learnt and how organisations might be looking to the future. We have seen fundamental shifts in both the way boards operate and how they need to be structured to be fit for purpose in the future.

In 2021, we asked various leaders of the FTSE 250 their thoughts and we are delighted to share our research and insights into what future board leadership requires.

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Board Advisory

Board Review

Based on years of experience in assessing senior executives and non-executives board member of organisations of all sizes and shapes we have strong understanding of what makes for effective Boards. Our experience of selecting the right person to sit around a board table can be equally applied to the board as a group in thinking about how their collective capabilities, mindset and behaviours play equally important roles in ensuring they are the right group for the organisation they serve.

Values and dynamics alignment

We recognise our role in providing clients with clear and relevant insights to differentiate between candidates who are technically matched. The ability to explore underlying leadership characteristics, a candidate’s likely cultural fit with the board and wider organisation and how they interact with others is essential. Our in-house psychologists are able to de-risk the decision process, measuring, for example, an individual’s personal impact through their level of motivation, drive, judgement and influence.

Coaching for aspiring and new Non-Executives

Our coaching for non-executives focuses upon behaviours, values and dynamics rather than technical aspects of governance. The coach helps individuals to consider the transition from their previous career in to a non-executive role, how they can apply their strengths, how they may need to adapt, what they hope to gain and to contribute through the role.

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