Benchmarking & Market Mapping


In an increasingly competitive senior leadership market, our clients welcome the ability to benchmark remuneration packages for executives and non-executives. Our benchmarking services provides clear insight to comparable and broader market trends, to provide a realistic view and allow competitiveness where necessary and feasible.

As might be expected with our commitment to going beyond the ordinary, we also offer offer insights into market trends in the structure of salary and benefits. The breadth of our sector expertise and global partner community allows us to also compare across multiple industries in multiple geographies as needed.

Market Mapping

In addition to our benchmarking capabilities clients we utilise our bespoke research model to undertake in-depth market mapping. This provides a deeper industry view, offering a focus on related sectors and organisations as well as an analysis of external versus internal talent capability. We have worked with a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors to deliver tailored talent mapping analysis and intelligence which can range from very specific to broad geographic regions, utilising our Panorama partner community.

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