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We understand that introducing a new leader to an organisation requires big decisions, as well as investments of time, money and trust. Our role is clear: we must help our clients find the right leaders for their organisation to be completely confident that the choice they make is the right one. Leadership has been under a bright spotlight more now than ever before and boards and executive teams need greater comfort that they are finding the best fit for their organisation.

Our approach

Our robust and proven executive assessment process goes well beyond a traditional approach to search, providing in depth and demonstrable information on shortlisted candidates. Our assessments consider the way each individual thinks and how that connects to an organisation or team’s values; their approach to work; their response under stress; what positively motivates them; and how they influence and lead.

Our in-house occupational psychologists assess each candidate using a combination of psychometric assessment and profiling, biographical interviews and other bespoke methodologies which have been developed alongside our global Panorama partners. These assessments are proven in multiple organisations which are culturally, socially and geographically diverse. After these assessments we produce a tailored written report on each candidate and are able to brief the selection panel in person.

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