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Bringing clarity in a complex environment

With the growing complexities from international and domestic legal systems facing businesses, law practices and institutions, it is vital to have experienced, high quality and globally astute leaders in place. The vagaries of regulation at a national and international level is also bringing challenges that must be understood, addressed and incorporated into strategic planning.

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Our approach

Championing diversity, equity and inclusion

Bringing forward passionate and diverse Board Leaders

Senior board appointments require a highly targeted, personalised search to identify appropriately qualified senior leaders, and it is essential that each of them is then approached by an articulate and well-informed advisor. Through our dedicated board practice, we appoint over 250 chair and non-executive roles every year: our networks give us extensive reach across sectors, and deep insights into the challenges – and opportunities – faced by boards today.

Our Board practice

Developing high-performing boards

Saxton Bampfylde has the expertise and experience to provide chairs with the comprehensive insight they need to run an effective board, having led governance reviews at both executive and non-executive level. Our review process is designed to be relatively light-touch, allowing boards to comply fully with governance recommended practice and providing data and practical recommendations that can be used to improve board/team effectiveness, maximise strengths, and tackle weaknesses. Our view is structured around a tried and tested model, but can be adapted to specific organisational needs.

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Our experience

Our focus in this area is particularly in the identification of CEOs, Chambers Directors and similar leadership positions for barristers’ chambers.  The breadth of these roles and the nuanced leadership characteristics that come with them – leading often large teams on the one hand whilst being there to serve the members of chambers on the other – make these complex searches. Cultural fit and personal qualities play as big a part as the technical experience that candidates bring. And the impact that a successful candidate has can be significant, ranging from assisting with entry into new markets to delivering technological change to driving equality and diversity.

An Independent Mind

Sharpening the role of a law firm NED

We have seen a growing number of non-executive appointments in all sizes of law firm across the UK, and this trend appears to be one that is set to continue. To understand this trend we wanted to explore the drivers and understand why some firms are keen, and equally why others do not feel the need or the inclination to take this step. We talked to a range of managing partners, chairs and non-executives from leading international, City and regional law firms throughout England and Scotland – those who have and those who don’t have non-executives on their boards.

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