The Magic of Ministry: A first timer’s guide to the public sector non-executive role

We have always taken a keen interest in the challenges posed by a constantly modulating political and economic climate, and the implications this has on the role of senior leaders both in executive and non-executive capacities. Our aim in developing this report was to establish an understanding of what draws senior individuals, particularly those with little or no prior experience of government, to take on non-executive roles with public sector organisations and the challenges they face in adapting a new culture. This piece is intended to inform and advise those considering a similar move so that they can enter into the process with their eyes open and fully aware of the huge benefits a public sector role can give.

We also hope it will give those responsible for recruiting first-time non-executives an insight into the ways in which this transition can be managed to ensure that the sector has a strong pipeline of the most talented, innovative and strategic leaders going forward.

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