Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

As a firm that’s made up of 77% extraordinary women, we’re incredibly proud to be a company that lives through its value of responsibility, celebrating talented women from all backgrounds for their work and achievements, and supporting them through the challenges they face.

Through our work we support organisations to ensure they have access to and can leverage the broadest possible range of talent. Female leaders bring a different perspective, view point and approach, which will always benefit an organisation when considered in the whole. Organisations that have genuinely diverse leadership teams will attract diverse talent, and have access to the largest pools of talent.

We’re proud that 51% of our executive appointments and 48% of our board appointments have been women since 2020 – we remain committed to playing our part in bringing forward ambitious, innovative and inspiring women into leadership roles, and to help shape a more equitable society.

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day we asked our Partners for their perspectives on what organisations can do to forge a gender-equal society, and to hear about the women who have inspired them most.

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