Health Leadership Insight: Canvas – Out Now

We’re delighted to share our latest Health edition of CANVAS, the sectoral insight update from Saxton Bampfylde. CANVAS is a platform to share interesting thoughts and perspectives on topics and issues that are relevant and current in your sector. We very much welcome any thoughts, comments, or inputs you would like to share. Please enjoy this edition.

Edition Overview

Knitted into the fabric of life stories of all our families, healthcare, and the NHS, have a distinctive place, in British society – recent history, national identity, and future potential. Uniquely political, high profile, loved and criticised, that position gives the sector, and its institutions, distinctive pressures, opportunities and challenges.

The UK healthcare sector is facing unprecedented challenge whilst, in recent years, developing exciting opportunities for cross-sector partnerships, innovation and change. In grappling with these challenges, healthcare leaders have a vital role in preparing their organisations for the future, appraising strategic options and understanding potential. They need to do this whilst equipping their colleagues to serve patients well under significant, often growing, operational pressure. Our healthcare leaders need to be exceptional.

As we consider those leadership pressures, our advisory role in the boardrooms of healthcare organisations up and down the country gives us a distinctive view on the individuals facing up to them, the routes they have taken to senior roles, and the perspectives, skills and approaches they bring. In this edition of Canvas, we consider what can equip those leaders for success.

Bringing in outside experience offers a different lens through which to view an organisation, and can bring new approaches to support change, partnerships and innovation – all of which will be vital to ensuring the sector can thrive in the future.

In this edition we are delighted to speak to Garrett Emmerson, as he reflects on his first six months as Chief Executive of the London Ambulance Service. Previously at Transport for London, he talks about this transition, and the importance of partnership working. He also reflects on some of the perspectives he has brought to healthcare from his background in transport, and the impact some of those ideas are having at LAS.

Lastly, we include insights on why some leadership roles in healthcare can benefit from cross-sector hires, and reflections from Consultant, Ann Bourne, on tools to help to identify, nurture and strengthen leaders within the health sector.

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