Live Breathe Data: Why leaders in healthcare must embrace data to thrive

Saxton Bampfylde has built a strong reputation over 20 years for finding and nurturing leadership talent in the UK’s health and care sector. As trusted partners in this area, we have championed bringing the most talented, innovative and strategic leaders to the public and private organisations and groups that provide health and care in the UK and internationally.

As the NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary, we were keen to look to the future of the UK’s health and care sector, across both public and private providers and are pleased to publish our latest research Live Breathe Data. In this report, we explore the challenges and opportunities facing senior leaders as they strive to ensure health and care provision is fit for the future, across a hugely complex sector. We particularly focus on the extent to which leaders are embracing and driving forward digital innovation and the use of data.

In a modern world increasingly driven by technology, data and digitisation, the need for the health and care sector to prioritise strategic planning is greater than ever. We hope that our research will offer board members in this sector a useful tool to drive forward conversations about the challenges and opportunities that harnessing data presents, as well as the successes that can be achieved by looking at organisations and systems both at home and internationally. Our aim with this report is to encourage boards to proactively consider the ways in which data integration can help deliver strategic priorities across the sector, particularly in terms of preventative treatment, better resource management and partnership working.

When we started developing this piece in early 2018, the topic of data was high on the media and political agendas, and it also coincided with the introduction of GDPR in May 2018.  The frequency with which this topic is discussed has increased dramatically in the past months, with particular focus on how data is shared, used, secured and stored. These are areas that for some sectors, including retail, communications and banking, have been at the top of the agenda for a long time. Clearly, they are now moving swiftly up the list for the health and care sector, but there is much still to be done.

We hope that you will find this piece useful and an initiator of further conversations. We have thoroughly enjoyed our research in this area and the discussions with our contributors. We warmly welcome any feedback on this exciting and evolving area.

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Live Breathe Data: Why leaders in healthcare must embrace data to thrive

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