Schools – 2022

Changing Lives, Learning Better: Evolution and Innovation of the Educational Approach


We emerge into a new academic year in the aftermath of the pandemic where change has been the constant and try to settle back in to some new found normality. However, that doesn’t for a second mean complacency, as the Schools sector across the UK faces considerable challenges and across all quarters recognises the need for an evolution in its approach.

That evolution is being driven by a raft of talented, committed and ambitious leaders, supported by individuals and teams who have shown the upmost dedication to education, their pupils and wider communities. This has come at a cost, however, and we see a workforce challenged by recruitment and retention, and almost worst of all, recognition for what it has provided over the past 2.5 years.

That ability to evolve positively and proactively is at the core of Rebecca Boomer-Clark’s educational approach and we were so pleased to have the chance to talk to the Chief Executive of Academies Enterprise Trust as she enters her second year in the role. Her dedication to delivering outstanding outcomes to all the pupils in the Trust, and supporting staff and the associated communities is nothing short of inspirational, but clearly steeped in pragmatic realism.

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