Arts, Culture & Creative Industries – Summer 2020

Leaning into Leadership


As we write, across the globe we have entered one of the most unprecedented times of change in history. The emergence of COVID-19 and its rapid transmission around the globe has rocked almost every country with no sector appearing unimpacted.

We are a global community and together we are addressing these challenges, learning, supporting and collaborating to overcome together. Now, more than ever, we are looking to our leaders in every sector and organisation, and this means that every skill they possess is called into play. We need communication, agility, respect, compassion, and above all the ability to see beyond the current situation with a view to the innovations that are required immediately and those that will be needed in the future.

Innovation is reliant on people having an organisational structure in place that allows, and indeed openly encourages, creative thinking. It is those organisations able to respond in a flexible and agile way that will emerge most positively. A time of change needn’t necessarily be a time for fear: rather, it can be an opportunity to research and invest in those innovations that can help us to shore up resilience for the future.

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